The social component of SAILWIND

SAILWIND is developed in Germany. It will later be built and sold worldwide in cooperation with a partner company, which we are currently looking for. Across the Mediterranean there will be additional partners for on-site assembly and project management. This ensures, that customers will have direct contacts in the country, who can be easily reacted in their local language.

This network ensures, that working positions for the construction and servicing of the plants as well as most of the added value remains local and does not flow away. At the same time by avoiding the employment of middlemen, the prices are kept low.

Entwicklung leiser Windkraftanlagen an der HTWG Konstanz



SAILWIND a " frugal innovation ".

FRUGAL is an acronym and stands for ...


F unctional

R obust

U ser-friendly

G rowing

A affordable

L ocal


This ensures, that a high-tech product for sustainable energy production towards climate protection, like SAILWIND, can in principle be installed and used all over the world.