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Would you like to engage your company in the field of renewable energies business in the long term, make it crisis-proof and expand in a rapidly growing market? Is your company already active in the field of mechanical/plant engineering or electrical engineering/mechatronics/ automation and looking for other fields to be part of the urgently needed energy transition?

You and your company can become a cooperation partner of the HTWG University Konstanz for a period of 2 years, that is during the construction of the test machine SAILWIND 4 and the trial lasts. Advantage: You are there from the start and can shape the developments for large SAILWIND systems around 50 kWp. In this way, you will become a lead partner for us, manufacture SAILWIND modules and sell them to country representatives worldwide. It would be best, if your company already has a mechatronic orientation. SAILWIND is the combination of solid mechanical engineering, high-quality automation and smart control technology. The HTWG Konstanz is your think tank. The professors' broad expertise and enthusiastic students are the recipe for success.

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We already have supporters


There are a number of companies who kindly support us for the SAILWIND 4 prototype with free components or generous discounts. We thank them very much and look forward to working with them.                     

Project partner Santorini

We have been for long in contact with the administration of Santorini and the water supplies ΔEYAΘ, operator of two energy-intensive seawater desalination plants for the sweet water supply of Santorini. They have signed Letter of Intent (ΔHΜΟΣ-LOI, ΔEYAΘ-LOI) to express their interest in working with us. SAILWIND would be installed at their desalination plants near Oia or Akrotiri. Now the first step towards building SAILWIND 4 has to be taken. With its upscale tourism, Santorini would be the ideal partner for us with a great signal effect for other islands.

You can write to them!

Projektpartner in Santorini

Please, donate

We would like to start building SAILWIND 4 at HTWG Konstanz. Unfortunately, for the time being we do not have the budget and funds for this, because we have not yet received public funding for our project (short description) due to lack of a cooperation partner. No attempts have been availing so far, even with foundations. SAILWIND is already a  scientific, practical development project at the HTWG Konstanz, only supported by enthusiastic students and some professors who are committed to sustainable energy generation. The HTWG Konstanz has a high reputation and offers an ideal development environment for high-tech developments. We depend on your help at the start of the implementation phase of SAILWIND 4. Any amount, no matter how small, helps us to become SAILWIND 4 real.

Do you like the idea of SAIWLIND so much that you want to support us with a sum of money? Then you should transfer this amount to the Ludwig Bölkow Foundation using the keyword "SAILWIND".. The foundation board is enthusiastic about our sustainable project and has kindly started an appeal for donations. The foundation will forward the money they collect 100% to the HTWG Konstanz. We would be happy to issue a donation receipt upon request and name you as a supporter of SAILWIND. Please, also write us an email.

Ludwig-Bölkow Foundation

GLS Community Bank eG (GENODEM1GLS)

IBAN: DE75 4306 0967 0040 424024
Please mention "Project SAILWIND" as a keyword.

Thank you for your commitment to sustainable power generation without environmental damage, the preservation of cultural monuments, as well as landscapes and townscapes without gigantic wind turbines. SAILWIND can become an important building block for sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean countries.