SAILWIND is the name of a interdisciplinary and innovative  project of HTWG Konstanz, University of Applied Sciences. It is supported by enthusiastic students and committed professors of the  HTWG Konstanz.

lokale Energieerzeugung durch SAILWIND-POWER
SAILWIND-POWER bei der Entwicklung einer griechischen Segelwindmühle an der HTWG Konstanz

SAILWIND is the rebirth of the Greek windmill with sails in the form of a modern wind turbine for the production of renewable energy from wind. For anyone who is not keen on seeing huge wind turbines everywhere, which distort the landscape. Especially during vacation in southern Europe.

SAILWIND is a new, fully automatic small wind turbine with sails based on the standard Greek windmill.

SAILWIND aims at decentralized energy production, highly efficient and fully automatic. Concealed technology paired with the beauty and grace of old sail windmills. A wind turbine equipped with a standard rotor of 12 m. in diameter generates approximately 50 kWp maximum power (14 m/s). Thus, SAILWIND belongs to the group of small wind turbines/ home wind turbines.

Contrary to earlier years, SAILWIND systems operates fully automatically on the basis of state-of-the-art smart electronics. The same technology applied in large wind turbines. A unique feature in the market of small (home) wind turbines.

SAILWIND unites advanced technology, effectiveness, operational safety and admiration of early cultural assets of the Mediterranean countries in a special way.

leise Windkraftanlagen von SAILWIND-POWER

The idea

Thousands of sail windmills can be found all over the Mediterraneans, including Portugal and even southern France. Mostly unused. Often expired. Disregarded. Wouldn't it make sense to use them for the sustainable production of electricity from wind?


  • Repair the tower and equip it with a new modular SAILWIND unit, rotor and nacelle (retrofitting)

  • Based on the classic model  to build new SAILWIND systems in windy locations, possibly with a holiday home in the tower.

  • Perhaps also build modern SAILWIND wind turbines with a compact nacelle and low steel tower in suitable locations, as far as compatible with the locality and landscape



Thanks to the latest electronics, they are fully automatic and do not need any manual operation. Electricity would be produced where it is needed. As much as possible of the electricity should be used directly and only surpluses fed into the grid. This gives maximum return and leads to faster amortization of the investment.


In addition, SAILWINDs look appealing, can hardly be distinguished from historical rotors (monument protection) and fit into the southern European landscape. They run slowly and quietly. They are particularly recommended for tourist regions where historical townscapes are to be preserved. Visitors will be delighted! Future tourism must become more sustainable! Together with PV and a battery storage system, you can use even more energy yourself.

What makes SAILWIND so special?

  • quiet and slow running, and could therefore also be operated in residential areas or even on buildings

  • good for the environment and nature (bird and bat protection)

  • aesthetic, blends in well with the landscape and is therefore accepted

  • variable in architectural style (towers in old or new architecture), possibly as a holiday home

  • fully automatically controlled, remotely monitored, smart

  • Easy starting and very effective even with little wind by adjusting the sails

  • low maintenance, durable and sustainable

  • very robust, also designed for extreme wind conditions

  • Equipped with all safety features such as brakes and alarms

  • quickly amortized with low electricity production costs

  • Also suitable for groups of individual systems and for wind parks (Smart Energy distribution)

  • Added value for local industry (license construction) and secures local jobs

  • suitable for the Mediterraneans area, but also for Central Europe and other countries

  • unique among small (home) wind turbines


Bird protection

The flat rotor is very well perceived by bats, birds, especially migratory birds, and they can evade it. No comparison to large wind turbines! Particularly significant: the Greek islands lie on the flight paths of migratory birds. They are used by migratory birds as popular resting places to eat and linger on their long journey. Many islands and areas have therefore already been declared as reserves. Large wind turbines should not be built there. Nevertheless, the Greek government has plans to eract more turbines and also wind farms with tall wind turbines there too - against the considerable resistance of the population.

Find out about the dangers to migratory birds !

Vogelschutz Windkraft
Denkmalschutz von Segelwindmühlen

Heritage protection

The outward appearance of the modern SAILWIND rotor will be very similar to a historical rotor. It will be indistinguishable from afar. And even up close you will have to look twice! This fulfills the essential basic requirements of a modern, contemporary heritage protection. Because all the technical components for controlling the sails and generating energy are hidden under the roof of the nacelle (gondola). The shape of the gondola roof can largely be adapted to the local style of the mills, as can the diameter of the gondola to the existing tower geometry. SAILWIND systems fit 100% into the townscape.


Environmental protection - SAILWIND helps to improve the quality of life!

Diesel emergency power generators are behind almost every hotel and restaurant. If there is no public power supply, they run every day, often continuously. Air pollution and noise annoy people, nature and the environment.

What many do not know: The majority of the Greek islands are not connected to the mainland electricity grid. On these islands, electricity is generated by countless local power plants. Most of them have poor, backward, or no emission control systems at all and are real burdens on the environment. The plumes of smoke from the chimneys can be seen far. In addition: Due to outdated technology, the power grids are often unstable and therefore vulnerable. With the large number of tourists in summer, the networks are regularly overloaded. Voltage fluctuations and failures are the rule.

Decentralized feed and power supply from SAILWIND, especially in the form of hybrid systems, would be a great advantage, would relieve the grids and significantly improve the quality of life. No air pollution, less noise. Good for the C02 balance. This requires an energy management system based on AI. These modules are already available on the market. Energy generation and energy consumption are harmonized not only on the  spot, but also on the basis of forecasts in advance.

frugal innovation von SAILWIND-POWER
Effektivität der Windkraftanlagen durch das Team an der HTWG Konstanz

Sustainable tourism

Holiday resorts, hotels and restaurants are possible customers of SAILWIND systems. The framework conditions for this will be created by the progressive communities and islands that have set themselves the goal of sustainability and CO2 neutrality. We very much hope that larger SAILWIND projects with several systems will be implemented on a cooperative basis. Interested parties (investors and consumers) come together locally to form an operating company. These initiatives are usually even publicly funded.